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training inside your
Create your cybersecurity course and quiz right in your workspace with izi LMS
how izi makes it easy? πŸ˜ƒ
Confluence is great for cybersecurity training
You already use Confluence for many things. Why not host your cybersecurity course there too?
Existing pages as training blocks
Easily add training-related Confluence pages as modules into courses.
Less tools, less hassle
Why spend time maintaining a separate LMS? Why make employees switch systems to attend training?
Cost-effective solution
Reasonable pricing is a nice bonus. A team of 50 that uses Confluence Cloud will pay $42.50 a month.
Work ↔ Training is stress-free
Courses are one click away from a Confluence page
πŸ’ͺ Build engaging courses
⚑ Monitor course completion
πŸ‘ Tune up quiz settings
also use izi for
πŸ“š Employee training
πŸ† Compliance training
🦺 Workplace safety training
πŸ’Ό Role-based training
πŸš€ Onboarding training
πŸ“ Quizzes, knowledge checks
~15 min to learn how to use izi
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